Snow Clearing & Parking Lot Maintenance

Cleaning isn’t just an inside job (and if you’ve ever watched mom sweep outside you’ll know what we’re talking about). At Little Bird Maintenance, we are the trusted pros for many local contractors when it comes to parking lot maintenance and snow clearing in Bonnyville, St. Paul, Cold Lake and throughout the Lakeland region.

Winter or summer, we can help you with the essentials you need to reduce liability and keep your customers safe and happy. And whatever your budget, we can come up with a customized maintenance plan to meet your needs.

If it’s -30 outside with a foot of snow, or a dust storm just ravaged your parking lot, nothing deters us from getting the job done. We are proud to provide the following Lakeland snow removal and parking lot maintenance services in St. Paul, Cold Lake, Bonnyville, Lac La Biche and to all the communities in our Lakeland region!

  • Parking Lot Snow Removal: It gets cold out here… not to mention, snowy. We’ll make sure to keep you and your customers safe and rolling into your parking lot and strolling through your doors.
  • Snow Hauling: Don’t want the liability of kids using that snow pile for a sled hill? Let us help you with our snow hauling services in Bonnyville and throughout the Lakeland.
  • Sanding: Removing snow is one thing. Leaving a skating rink underneath is another. We can happily provide sanding services to prevent slips and falls (and the accompanying liability) on your property.
  • Sidewalk Clearing: Don’t have a snowblower on hand to clear your sidewalks. Don’t worry; just call on the birds!
  • Line Painting: If there are cars parking angle, but the parking lot is built for parallel parking, it might mean some line painting is in order. We’ll help make that parking lot look great with perfectly parked cars (minus the people that double park.)
  • Parking Lot Cleaning: It might not shine, but a clean parking lot can make sure your customers don’t notice a dirty one.
  • Trash Removal: We’ll work out a schedule with you for regular trash removal so you never have to deal with overflowing trash cans.

Blow off the sand and snow with our parking lot maintenance services in the Lakeland.  

Snow Clearing in the Lakeland
Bobcat clearing snow

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Parking Lot Maintenance

We’ve got blowers, throwers, sweepers, blades, tractors and Bobcats to get any job done! So whether you need a guy with a snowblower or a team to clear a 100-car parking lot and haul away the snow and empty garbages, you can call Little Bird Maintenance.

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